Retail POS

Retail point-of-sale (POS) is a great way to reinforce your messaging and promote specific brands and products. Our range incorporates a wide selection, including pop-up and linear counters, gear edge counters, formulate counters, physique counters, V counters and promoter counters, all of which can be fully branded.

Our illuminated frames and displays provide cost-effective day and night presentation for interchangeable posters, transparencies, notices, information and menus. 

Illumination adds sophistication to a display as well as 24-hour visibility and significant 'stand-out' value. This is particularly beneficial in poorly lit areas and during gloomier months of the year, and is a must for any business looking to attract the attention of passing trade where ambient lighting is lacking. 

The majority of illuminated displays use environmentally-friendly 12V LED lighting giving not only a long life span and cost-effective low maintenance, but also additional safety benefits due to lower operating temperatures.

Additional products within our retail POS range include retractable barrier systems, folding tables, telescopic tablet holders, graphic pods, poster displays, and brochure/catalogue displays. To complement our retail POS range, we also offer a variety of roller banners.

To discuss how we can help to bring your premises to life with innovative retail POS solutions and to request a tailored quotation, please contact us.

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